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27 to 30 JANUARY 2022

Turin, my friend, is a capital discovery...

Friedrich Nietzsche

Get ready to be the star of a movie set in Turin! What is your favorite genre?

A costume film, like those worn in the 19th century when this city was the capital of the kingdom of Savoy?
A historical film that tells the glories of ancient Egypt, thanks to the 2nd richest museum in artifacts after Cairo?
An action film, with car chases, in the city where Fiat was born?
A musical film with the soundtrack played by the Maneskins who brought Eurovision to the city?
A romantic film that tells the story of love that unfolds on the banks of the Po river?

Choose your genre and get ready to shoot your own!

Turin, city of cinema

Turin loves cinema so much that it has dedicated a museum to it, inside the most important building in the city, the Mole Antonelliana. After all, cinema in Italy was born in Turin, with the very first screening of a film, in March 1896, just a couple of months after the Lumiere brothers, in Paris. Do you remember it? Neither do we. But it must have been liked a lot, in fact after a few months someone immediately transformed it into a business and here is the first screening with a paying audience always in Turin.

We could talk at length about how the history of cinema has developed alongside the history of Turin, but after all, we are sure that sooner or later they will make us a film about it. So just wait!

Turin, city of magic

Turin is an esoteric city. Which means… even we didn't really understand it, but it is considered a magical city, a place where positive and negative energies alternate, ying and yang, the light side and the dark side of the force.

Maybe that's why we are considered extremely balanced, but don't just believe it: we'll show you. The myth and the legend chase each other along the streets of this city and so this would be one of the vertices of two magical triangles: White Magic, together with Prague and Lyon, and on the other Black Magic, with London and San Francisco.

Only the Death Star, Darth Vader and lightsabers are missing now! But if you are curious, we challenge you to look for esoteric references and symbols among the monuments and streets of Turin. Which side do you take? Torino Bianca (nope, we're not mentioning our Head of HOC, since Bianca means white) or Torino Nera (nera means black)?

Turin, city of chocolate

In Turin we like to eat, we are really really greedy (and you know which capital sin goes hand in hand with the gluttony? ;-)) In the city and in the surrounding area we offer some of the best Italian food and wine excellences, such as truffles, Barolo but, above all, chocolate!

Did you know that Nutella was born right here?! Actually, it's not - it was born in Alba, just a few kms away. But for a great chocolaty experience that enhances the pleasure and makes your endorphins dance the samba you have to stuff yourself with gianduiotti!

Gianduia is a type of chocolate paste born in Turin in 1806. Its creation is attributed to the brilliant Turin chocolatiers: Napoleon declared an embargo in Turin for all English products and our fellows replaced the cocoa beans with the hazelnuts Tonda Gentile delle Langhe: that's how this lingot-shaped chocolate was born.

Just think that even Fiat in one of his logos will be inspired by the gianduiotto from which it takes its shape!


Lights, camera, action!


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The hotel

Just the right set for your next blockbuster

Concord is one of Turin’s historic top-notch hotels, it offers 4-stars quality within an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, combined with impeccable service.
Free entry to the brand new McFIT gym, a stone's throw from the hotel, is also included.

It is located in a prestigious building in the buzzing heart of Turin, its windows overlooking Via Lagrange: one of the most exclusive shopping districts in town.
You will find that most of the city's famous landmarks are just a few steps away from your room.

Conveniently, the hotel is also extremely close to Porta Nuova railway station and to the shuttle terminal for Turin airport.

In a few words, the ideal location for your stay in Turin! :)

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